Publish & Share

Share information with your team, clients or a broad public audience in a truly user-friendly way. So no more emailing of PDFs or unprotected files and hello 'Always up-to-date app'. With Open as App this is easily done - and you will keep full control of your data at all times.  

Your sharing options 

Make your app available to the world. No user authentification needed.
Share your app with a closed group of users. Users need to authenticate for access security.
Special User Rights Set individual rights for any app user. Permit reading and/or writing or co-admin rights.



Publish your app to smartphones, tablets, in the web or as bots


To make your app available to smartphones, tablets, the web or as a bot you need to publish it. That's easily done. Follow the app creation workflow on the App Portal. At the last step you will be prompted to publish your app. Your app is instantly available on Android, iOS, in the Web and W10 and (if you chose to do so) as a bot. Please note: Your app will automatically be in prototype mode, meaning access is only possible for you and joint app creators. Change this to private or public mode to share your app.



Share in Public Mode

There are multiple ways to share an app with the world 

To change to public mode, reopen your app in the app portal go to the advanced menu and switch on public mode. Now, anyone with a link can use your app. There is no authentication needed. Users will upload the Open as App Client as anonymous users.

Share a link 
Share on Social Media
Invite from your app
Embed in your website
Add to collaboration platforms
Create a Hub on Open as App portal


Share apps in private

Share in Private Mode

There are multiple ways to share a protected app with the right people

To change to private mode, reopen your app in the app portal go to the advanced menu and switch on private mode. To share your app you need to invite your users individually or as a predefined group (hub). Authentication is needed. All users of your app will need to authenticate before using your app and need to register first. 

Invite on app portal
Invite from your app
Shared use in Microsoft Teams 
Embed in Website (with OAA login of users)
Invite a group via hub automatically
Share with Sharepoint

Add specific user rights

You can fine-tune user rights in your app and allow users to read and/or add or change data. You can also share app creator rights and co-work on templates.


Publish updates

Users of your app will always have the latest data.

If you add new features or change the structure of your app. Your changes will be immediately available to every user as soon as you have saved them in the App Creator. Users will be notified the next time they open the app and are prompted to update it. 


Allow collaboration 

If you are trying to collect data you can fine-tune your app and enable users in general to add or change data in general or only for certain data. The collected data will be rewritten in the data source of your app.