Keep control of your data 

Get a quick start with Open as App and work productively with your data on all modern platforms - smartphone, tablet, conversational interfaces, Web via Cloud, or on Premises. And due to the one-of-a-kind architecture of Open as App you remain in full control of your data - at all times.     


The full potential of Open as App 


Provide up-to-date information on modern platforms - on demand
Collect data/Write-back data in your source files 
Use your data more productively and protect your know-how

Many upload options

Your Options with Open as App 

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You can always change the way you link your data to Open as App. As long as the source file's structure remains the same, there won't be a change to your app. Some data sources offer more options than other, so keep this in mind when switching to another source.

Start with the Open as App Cloud

Upload your Excel spreadsheet or csv to the Open as App Cloud. Instantly, you will have access the full Open as App potential. You can download and/or re-upload your Excel source files at all times. This is great for calculation tools or lists that will be accessed mainly by the app and that updated infrequently.


Office 365  - the fast lane for corporate use 

With Office 365 as your host environment you can make use of all authentication and data protection settings of Office 365. Simply link Open as App to your Office 365 account, sign-in with Microsoft and start working with Open as App on a corporate level. Your data won't be saved in Open as App but remain in Office 365.

Link an online data source to Open as App

Open as App is a great way to use your database data more productively. SQL, Dynamics, Salesforce, CRM Dynamics and more are great online databases... and can be linked to Open as App. This way, every authorized user can query the database and create and share apps in a user-friendly way with full control of your data. 

Please note: Open as App works in accordance with the existing user rights of your database and can only work within the existing licensing models of your SaaS database. 


Google Sheets as fast lane to Open as App


With Google Sheets as your host environment you can make use of all authentication and data protection settings of Google Sheets. 

Simply link Open as App to your Google Sheets account, sign-in with Google and start working with Open as App. Your data won't be saved in Open as App but remain in Google Sheets.

Use authentication of other Cloud providers or use share links

Open as App works with other data sources like Dropbox, OneDrive or box. However, please note that the write-back functionality is only available with authentication for these services, not with a shared link.




Data privacy is in Open as App's DNA


The Open as App service is special - in its functionality but also in its architecture. Your data and your app with all its functionality are two separate entities. Therefore, data can be hosted on other sources than the Open as App Cloud. Data and app are only linked on the device of the user.  


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