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Get your business data ready for Smartphones, Tablets, Web, and chats. With Open as App, your data is turned into apps automatically while retaining full functionality, offering lots of design options, and being instantly ready for sharing. 

Combine all business elements in an app 


There are many business systems that contain valuable data like charts, calculations, forms, or lists. Open as App turns all these elements into smart apps that can be shared easily while giving you full control of your data. 

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“With Open as App, users can turn an Excel spreadsheet into an app without any programming skills. As a result, we are increasingly using mobile ways of disseminating information. The digitization DIY tool is 'hands-on digitalization for the user'.”

Michael Schneider
Head of Advisory & Risk Innovations, Commerzbank AG


Select your data


Your app will always be connected to your data source. You can choose between several options:

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Choose the type of your app 


Open as App's idea is to create apps automatically. Therefore, our system will analyze your data, suggest an app type that fits your data best and will therefore provide a good result.


Please note, this is a suggestion only and can be changed, e. g. if you would like to create a survey app from calculation data, you might as well select "Survey" and add your calculation later on.   

Combine elements in one app and add more app features


Once your app is published, you can add several elements to your existing app: Images and action buttons, calculations, lists, charts, images, print PDF, and surveys.


Add great features to your app


You can always add more tabs, elements or features to your app. After publishing, click on 'edit your app' or reopen your app in the app creator via the dashboard. Then go to "Edit/Pages and elements". There, with the plus on the right hand side, you can insert all kinds of new elements, including action buttons, e.g. for link opening, call phone numbers, jump to another element of your app, and many more.


Did you know?



Get to know how to create your app

List and database apps

Fully automatically created with two different designs - as list or card view including detail dialog and an analysis automatically added. 

Perfect for performance reports, event agendas, information sharing, and information collecting 


Collect data with forms or survey apps

Choose the app type "Survey" if you want to collect data or run a survey. All information will be stored in the app portal/advanced in the protocol section and automatically evaluated in an app if you choose to. To do this, download or create an evaluation app by clicking the button "Create an app from this data". You will then receive the results in real time in your app.


Perfect for surveys, lead capture, event responses, audits or data/image input for a database or more. 

Calculation apps based on Excel or Google Sheets

The app type "Calculation" is right for you if the main focus of your app is to calculate with on-demand values. Open as App will transfer spreadsheet calculation formulas and make them available in a user-friendly way on many platforms. This way, you can share your know-how without giving away access to your source data (and keeping you in full control of your data). 

Perfect for sales quotes, offer calculation, ROI calculators, benchmarks, reports and forecasts, what-if-scenarios and more.

A list or database app


Dashboard App

If you want a chart dashboard this is your app type.  Excel or Google Sheet standard charts are transformed automatically and displayed in your app. 


Perfect for all chart reports or KPI dashboards.


Schedule & calendar app (new)

The schedule app turns a date or date/time column into an app with calendar view. You can display time plans, filter them with parameter of your list and also add additional data to a plan. This is a new feature of Open as App and additional functionality will be added. 

Perfect for project schedules, time sheets, event schedules, resources planning, vacation plans and more.

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