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What happens if everybody in your company is building apps?

by Daniel, on May 27, 2019 | Topics:Best Practice


If you take a look around most modern companies, you will quickly realize that "building apps" means hiring a team of programmers and letting them build deployable applications within 2 to 6 months with a price tag between $15k and $70k+. Understanding and learning how to work with these apps takes your employees another 2 to 4 months. And changes, of course, take more time to be implemented.


Summing it up leaves us with:

1. We see that it takes quite a while to really develop and deploy a good app throughout your company


2. it is kind of expensive to do so.

We quickly realize that it is expensive and time consuming to build apps the old-fashioned way. This leaves us with few to no apps, having a big impact on our processes, digitization and our ability to access our business data while mobile.


What if it could be less expensive and less time consuming? 

Now, let's imagine the following: Creating a broad variety of apps that does not need months of development and is not breaking the bank. Apps, created not by programmers, but Business Analysts, Creditors, Account Managers, Sales Representatives, and all the other people working in your company. As everybody is developing apps themselves, there is no need to onboard them to every app in the long run, as these apps were built by the people that are going to use them. That's what we call the "Democratization of App Development", and this is exactly what Open as App offers you. And even though everybody can create apps, management still remains in control over the created apps and who shares what with whom.

To make a long story short: Quick and sustainable digitization throughout your company with only a small commitment, but a huge impact. Turn your already inhouse available 

With Open as App, many apps you would normally give to developers to be programmed can now be created by the people who will later use them, giving a new depth to what these applications can deliver. This ensures that apps created with Open as App are easier to adopt, easier to understand, and are just the way your teams want them to be. The cost to create and deploy these apps is reduced significantly, leaving you with more budget for other projects. All you need to start is a data source like Excel or a data base like SQL. Similar solutions get called "no-code applications", but require 20-30% of coding in most cases. But Open as App is the world's only, 100% no-code automatic app creation platform.


Now, what's in it for you?

- Faster deployment of apps
- Get rid of your countless Excel sheets, replacing them with secure and intuitive apps
- Apps made by the teams that use them later, thus already optimized for them
- No hefty pricetag
- No external or inhouse programmers needed
- Full control over creation and sharing of apps through User Rights Management
- Quick mobilization of already inhouse knowledge

If this sounds promising to you, do not hesitate to contact our sales department for a personal quota. We will gladly arrange a product demo and answer all your questions. Start building your own apps today!


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