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SQL = App

by André, on June 8, 2018 | Topics:Features

SQL = App

The leading database technology is now the key to smart, user-friendly enterprise apps. Create an app based on SQL Server or mySQL - automatically, without programming. The only skill you need is to make a database queries. Try SQL = App with our demo database online or with your own data. 

The integration quickly shows how useful it is.  Full control and security, instant automated app creation, low costs and low maintenance efforts are the benefits. For CIOs, system admins and all IT responsibles Open as App pays off immediately. With Open as App there is no compromise between digitization and security.  

CIOs, Systemadministratoren und andere Verantwortliche müssen keinen Kompromiss zwischen Digitalisierung und Sicherheit eingehen. Your business data won't be stored in the Cloud. IT has full control over users, data and apps. Data cannot be downloaded from the app and access rights can be withdrawn anytime. 

Due to a partnership with MobileIron it is possible to roll-out ,Open as App for large user groups  and add further important security features.. 

Try now 

Please note: Your business data won't be stored in the Open as App Cloud.

How to do it

1. Go to the app creator or sign in/log in from www.openasapp.netChoose MS SQL as your data source.

Choose SQL for app creation

2. Connect to your SQL Server

Select SQLSign into your sql database

Please note: You will only have access to the SQL database in accordance with your allocated user rights in your database.

3. Select the data for your app

Query your sql data for your app

4. Add queries to your data

Add as many queries to your app as you want

5. Done - you can now start to design, publish and manage your app in Open as App.






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