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Public Preview - signature pad for survey apps

by Daniel, on March 7, 2019 | Topics:Features

Open as App can now capture signatures. If you are using the app type "Survey", a signature pad can be integrated. Captured signatures will be saved as a picture, making it possible to get e.g. compliance or offer information signed. This function can be tested as a public preview with full functionality.

The app type "Survey" is needed, as this type does not write back into the Excel cells, but saves the input as a protocol.

Please note: This function only works on devices with touch input like smartphones or tablet!

Application within enterprise plan

Using webhooks you can also process this data in your own webservice -> see Advanced --> Connect Webservice

The signature can be passed on as a signature to back ends or further workflows. The integration can be done by your own company's IT.


And this is how our signature pad looks like on a smartphone:

Signature Pad 1Signature Pad 2


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