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Embed apps in your website

by Angelika, on March 23, 2018 | Topics:Feature

Calculators or surveys are great as an app and on a website. Now, you can have both in one go.  Create your app automatically and publish it on Smartphones, Tablets, Desktop as a web app... and as part of your website. Truly multichannel, you can use your existing business data as a basis for complex web services, such as a pricing calculator, a report, a dashboard or a survey. And at the same time your data will be also available as a native app on all mobile devices.

The app is inserted after publishing via an HTML snippet. That's how it's done:

  1. Open the "Advanced" section
  2. Select "Embed on the Web"
  3. Copy the snippet to the desired location in your HTML code. Done.

There are several options on how to display your app. You can for example hide the app navigation. And your users can also switch to the native version of their app.

Live testing

Get the feeling for embedded apps with our demo app:


Please keep in mind: Native apps are first choice in performance and functionality. Compared to the native app, the functionality of your web app may be limited simply because they are browser-based.


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