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by Daniel, on May 27, 2019

If you take a look around most modern companies, you will quickly realize that "building apps" means hiring a team of programmers and letting them build deployable applications within 2 …

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Topics:Best Practice

by Daniel, on May 9, 2019

Challenge Sales representatives of SCHOELLERSHAMMER GmbH&Co. KG need to calculate product and price on location. As these calculations are extensive and are based on different variables, both internal and based …

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Topics:Case Studies

by Daniel, on May 7, 2019

One thing you will certainly face at one point is the User (Rights) Management. Whether you already have company rules in place, or start from scratch - you can easily cover …

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by Daniel, on May 2, 2019

Seeing Open as App in action always feels great to us. It is amazing how our solution can assist you in your daily life and make things easier. What really …

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