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Advanced Feature: Enhance your data with logic

by Tobias, on February 5, 2019 | Topics:Advanced Feature

To ease your start into a productive February, we’ve decided to further introduce you to working with our powerful function “Enhance with Excel”. In short, this feature enables you to take any data from e.g. an online source and to enrich them with the logic from your own Excel, e.g. to predefine how the pulled data should be handled or further processed.

How this works

To get started, we are going to import data from a webservice. How this works is explained HERE.
Data import via MS SQL, MySQL, REST, etc.
We'll choose REST Web Service to import web data
After we have connected the web service we would like to use as our basis, we need to select the data with which we'd like to work. As a demo case, we've decided to pull the data on all countries in the world via

After importing the data, we select "Advanced: Enhance with Excel logic" in the lower right corner.
Let's enhance our data with Excel logic!

For the next steps, we have prepared a small guide that explains how we can add excel logic to our existing data.
As the first step, we have to download the excel file containing the current data. Please note that the first sheet of the downloaded file acts as a placeholder for content from your data source. Your app will have the latest data here at any given time later!
The system prompts you to download the spreadsheet and to put in your own excel logic

In order to avoid any conflicts with the data source, we've create a second tab to which we add our analysis. In our case we added a small chart showing the regions of the countries from our data source in an aggregated pie chart.
Inserted pie chart showing continents of the earth

After adding our analysis, we re-upload the excel sheet and continue the app creation process.
Continued app creation process after uploading the spreadsheetThe Open as App creator automatically recognizes the elements that we added on our analysis tab, and we can use those in our app. Below you see the pie chart that we created in our Excel sheet inside our app. 
Preview of our app, built with REST API and enhanced with excel logic

With this feature, you can easily enrich your data and make them more meaningful than ever before!
As we are working with live data, your app is always up-to-date!

Any questions left? Hit us up and we are happy to help you!


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